How You Should Choose A Water Pipe

When it comes to choosing for a water pipe, you can actually have a plethora of options. You might even feel the hectic experience whenever you walk into a head shop or perhaps a glass store. There are just so many pieces that you'd forget what you were planning to purchase originally and will be left facing one really difficult question: which of these options will be the perfect piece that I will need? Here's a good post to read about pipes, check this out! 

There are a wide variety of shapes, appearances, sizes, and brands which would make it rather difficult to compare and just pick out one piece, most especially if this is your first time purchasing and even using glass.

The Percolators

You might not have known it yet, but percolators are the most prominent variants when it comes to water pipes, which is basically used to provide extra chambers for your water pipe to enable it to filter smoke through the water. With it, you will be able to further diffuse and filter water making it cooler and smoother. You can actually see different types of percolators. You will see a variety of glass blowers that makes up different types of percolators and there are even some custom designs of it. You can view this link to gather more tips! 

A few examples of percolators are: simple straight horizontal diffused tubes that leads from the downstream and into the main chamber, the tree percolators which is made up of a series of similar diffused tubes that has branches from one central tube, and there is also a honeycomb percolator which is made into something like a horizontal net of small holes where water and vapor can pass through and that which is laid out in a pattern of a honeycomb. You can say that some percolators are better than others as most part is actually up to personal preference. You should know for a fact that the best way for you to know which would you prefer the most is to try them out and see for yourself whether or not you like heavily diffused percolators better, or perhaps something that produces stronger airflow on the piece, or you can go for particular percolators that are quite aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, there are also some pieces that goes with natural perks, instead of a mere percolator, such as splash guard which enables you to prevent water that comes from the pipe to reach your mouth, and ice pinches, by which you may place crushed ice or ice cubes into the piece's neck if you want to. Please go to this site for further details.